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Paypal has changed the way it links websites like ours and at present we are therefore not able to use the direct pay via Paypal facility. If you would like to place an order you can send your payment to anne@lesoftco.co.uk (it will show as 1st Coaley Guides) and then email us at the same address with a copy of the details from your basket. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and are working on a solution but this may take some time.
Welcome to Girlguiding Coaley's badge sales website. We started selling badges in 2009 to fundraise to get a group of Guides to WINGS International Camp at Windsor. The badges were so popular that we raised our target much quicker than anticipated and so we turned our attentions to fundraising for the Guiding Centenary in 2010. The local girls took part in some fantastic Centenary Celebrations during 2009/10 and we continued to sell badges to help give the best Guiding experience we can to the girls at Coaley, within Dursley District as an ongoing thing. So far, hundreds of girls have benefited from the badges we sell and we hope that many more will in years to come.
Please be assured that every penny of profit from the sale of badges on this website goes directly to the girls in Girlguiding in Coaley or the Dursley District. We have already raised over £17,500 since we started fundraising back in January 2009. Many thanks to everyone who has helped to make Guiding in Coaley and Dursley District so special.
We have broken the badges down into different categories to help you find what you are looking for more easily. Here's a bit of a guide and some of our favourite badges.
A quick guide to the site
Standard Flag Badges
Standards are the long, tapered flags that are used at Division, County, Region and National levels within Guiding. Collecting the badges of the standards has been a hobby amongst the Guiding and Scouting community for years now.
Fun Badges
There are many, many fun badges in Guiding to tempt the avid badge collector. You'll find an ever changing selection here.
Old Brownie Badges
In 2003 the programme for the Brownies changed significantly. This section holds all the badges we have from before this change; the brown, triangular interest badges, the road, footpath and highway badges, venture badges, etc.
Old Guide Badges
The Guide programme changed in 2000 to use much more vibrant colours and different shapes of badges. This section holds all the badges we have from before this change; the blue, round interest badges, the hat badges, patrol pennants and collective emblems, etc.
Old Rainbow Badges
The Rainbow section is the smallest and newest section of Girlguiding and therefore the number of old badges available is far fewer. However what we have you will find in this section
Special Celebrations
The Centenary & Big Brownie Birthday celebrations are now over but there are still badges lurking out there and we still have some for sale. You'll find them all in our Fun section; hurry though as they are selling out fast.
Challenge Badges
Time For Tea Challenge
One of our Leaders has put together the Time For Tea Challenge Badge. The syllabus is available on our District's website and the badges can be ordered via this website or by sending an order form and a cheque. We hope you like it! www.GirlguidingDursley.btck.co.uk/TimeForTeaChallenge
Far Away Challenge
Following the fantastic success of the Time For Tea Challenge, we've now launched the Far Away Challenge based on the fantastic Enid Blyton of a smilar name! The syllabus is also on our District's website and the badges can be ordered via this website or by sending an order form and a cheque. We hope you like it! www.GirlguidingDursley.btck.co.uk/FarAwayChallenge
Featured Badges
Our own designs
We have just started producing our own design of badges to further help our fundraising effort. We intend to turn this into a collection with a Brownies, Guides and potentially Senior Section and Leaders versions. Take a look.
The Owls have landed!!!
Yet more Owls have joined the flock! We've added Cool Owl, Elf Owl, Little Owl, Shimmer Owl, Glitter Owl and Eagle Owl. You can find them all in one place on their very own page with the rest of the Owls.
Loads of fun badges
We have several badges that would be an ideal camp/holiday momento for all your girls? Or how about using a badge to show the Leaders just how much you appreciate them.
Keep Up to Date
We have our own Facebook page where we can keep you up to date with the latest changes to the website. Simply log in to Facebook and search for GirlguidingBadges.co.uk, then 'Like' us to see the latest news.
Coaley Guiding
Email: anne_anderson@lesoftco.co.uk
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